Alternatives for Status, Power and Money

Status and power are two of the 10 intrinsic motivators in the "champfrogs" scale. We cannot deny that some people are intrinsically motivated by status and power. These people will, quite naturally, enjoy their high positions in a corporate hierarchy. In fact, such hierarchies *attract* people with such intrinsic motivation. We also cannot deny that some people are (extrinsically) motivated by large sums of money.


It is very difficult to convince such people to be intrinsically motivated by curiosity, honor, acceptance, mastery, or any of the other motivators. Maybe we should use a different approach...


Can we come up with alternatives _without_ changing this kind of motivation?


Can we help managers to gain more status, power and/or money in a _network_ instead of a hierarchy?


Can we use democracy or meritocracy to grow leaders who gain status, power and money through stewardship of the living, instead of management of the machine?



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