Organize for Complexity. How to make work work again

In this session, we will discuss the urgency and the vision for organizations to become truly robust for complexity, as well as fit for human beings, in order to make work work again for the individual, and for organizations as a whole.

We will also discuss how that can be done, from the point of view of internal and external change agents.


INTRODUCTION. The notion of dividing an organization into functions, and then departments, is fundamentally flawed. By dividing a firm into functions, and then departments, you actually impede work flow, build organizational territories, and drive out initiative and entrepreneurial thinking. But companies have done exactly that for ages.

The alternative to this, however, has not been that clear, until recently. Even though theory abounds, and there are convincing examples out there of companies, that have lived the alternative - sometimes for decades.

We will explore, or start to explore, the theoretical and practical gap that must be closed to build, and sustain, organizational models of a kind that is different than the current organizational standard.


METHOD. Joint agenda setting. Conceptual inputs. Discussion & dialogue.


QUESTIONS we will probably seek to address & discuss:

- How to deal with growing organizational complexity?

- How to adjust a growing organization, without falling into the bureaucracy trap?

- How to become more capable of adapting to new circumstances, as an organization?

- How to overcome existing barriers to performance, innovation and growth?

- How to become an organization more fit for human beings, and achieve higher engagement?

- How to produce profound change, without hitting the barrier?

- How to help orgnizations (your own, or clients), to undergo profound, transformational change in this direction?


WARM UP FOR THIS. Any of the following high-content papers may serve to warm you up for this session, if you like: and and and



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