Organization Design powered by Evolution

Bernard Marie CHIQUET is a multi-Entrepreneur and was Senior Partner/Senior Executive in large organizations for 15 years (Ernst&Young, Capgemini, Volkswagen). He founded the Integral Governance Institute 7 years ago and is a European Leader in the practice of Holacracy.


Bernard Marie believes that in order to evolve and address our current issues, we must first change the core organizational structure so that we can govern on behalf of the organization’s higher purpose. He proposes new practices based on this assumption and a new paradigm shift: the organization is seen as a living being, with its own identity and higher purpose, processing tensions channelled by human beings (in service of the organization) toward evolution, through dynamic steering. One on these parctices is called Holacracy™.


Holacracy™ is an organizational “operating system” – a new social technology for running purpose-driven, responsive companies. Holacracy’s transformative structure and processes integrate the collective wisdom of people throughout a company, while aligning the organization with its broader purpose and a more organic way of operating. Holacracy fundamentally changes the power structure in an organization, both distributing leadership throughout the company, and shifting the seat of authority from “managers” to a constitutionally-powered governance process. The result is dramatically increased agility, transparency, innovation, and accountability.



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