Management is dead! Grasping the new model & methods for change

Management, the organization technology, is based on fundamental principles that we inherited from the industrial age. Those principles were good enough for that time and indeed led to fantastic increases in efficiency in the past. Today, however, these principles prove toxic and stand in the way of motivation, effectiveness, innovation, success, and indeed work.

In ths session, the aim is to understand and reflect upon the principles that make "management" what it is, to understand and discuss the alternative set of principles for a "new model" that is fit for complexity and human beings, and to also debate viable concepts for organizational transformation. We will discuss theory, but also the examples of "new model" pioneers that have been out there for a while.


METHOD. Joint agenda setting. Conceptual inputs. Discussion & dialogue.

Concepts covered in this sessions will stem from complexity theories, social sciences and research from the Beyond Budgeting and BetaCodex movements, among others.


Two content-rich, visualized papers that you can take a look at to get in the mood for this session, in advance: and



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