Indicators for Companies Culture and How to Change

I think there is much talk about companies strategie and vision all the time in many companies. But there is little talk about companies culture. Why is this? Because culture is much more difficult to state and to change than strategy.


I think, the stoosian ideas are much about changing company cultures and thus I propose, to discuss the following questions in a session:


1. How can a companies culture be described (and maybe even measured?)?

2. How can I know what culture exists in a given company? Again, can I even "measure" it?

3. How can then a company culture enabling stoosian behaviour be described?

4. What are the benefits of a stoosian company culture? What are stoosian companies good at? What are they not good at?

5. What are indicators for a stoos-compatible culture in a company?

6. What are indicators for a non-stoos-compatible culture in a company?

7. What are necessary preconditions to change a companies culture?

8. What are show stoppers for cultural change?

9. What are good practices for cultural change?


Does anybody else find this topic interesting? Maybe it's to much for one session?



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