Guided Self-Organisation: Creating a Learning Network

The Stoos Network has identified a core believe of “learning networks of people creating value.” But, how to you make this happen in organizations? This session proposes the lowest-effort/highest-impact functionality to make it happen.


About 10 years ago and coming from a slightly different perspective, we did root cause analysis. It identified 42 common issues. Among those were: colleagues could not find the information they are expected to use. When they found it, it could not be trusted. Moreover, important feedback got lost. A further discovery was that, in this space, 3-5 unsolved issues can be sufficient to make solution attempts fail. Yet, it was possible to find lowest-effort/highest impact functionality that worked well in a highly complex and bureaucratic environment. Compared to traditional solution attempts, some of the functionality turned out to amazingly simple. It had to be. This was integrated into a framework/solution now called “Guided Self-Organisation.”



Some of the functionality:

- Communities: Integrated into decision making; community feedback cannot be ignored; communities can create strategies, standards, guidance.

- The non-linear/open process approach: natural workflow and incentive driven (often €0), no process documentation traditional style.

- Very few central repositories: Answering to “show me the documents I am expected to use and only those;” community feedback is published next to the documents, with green-yellow-red flags.

- Ground rules: so everybody (management and employees) understands how things are done; i.e. fundamental rules for decision making at the optimum level.



How to get started: A workshop delivers the organisation specific issues. Those can then be used by the organisation to adjust/stop what cannot work. Expected value from adjusting/stopping: €1 to €5 million within three years (larger organisations).



This session’s goals are:

(1) To propose the lowest-effort/highest-impact functionality to make Guided Self-Organisation/“learning networks of people creating value” happen in organisations.

(2) To obtain feedback from the participants: Is the proposed sound and complete enough to be executable? What may be missing?

(3) If complete and executable: How can we make it happen together?



UPDATE June 6th: There are two other sessions proposing functionality to prevent effective solutions from getting stuck before they are in a position to be successful.


Session 1: “Facilitating effective interventions from within organizations” -Through a demo workshop, this session illustrates how to open the door for innovative and constructive solution thinking within organizations.


Session 3: “From Overwhelming Complexity to Effective Simplicity” -In today’s environment, even the best solutions can easily get stuck in a crippling bureaucracy and an overwhelming complexity. This session proposes lowest-effort/highest-impact functionality to move to effective simplicity and with that a drastic reduction of getting stuck. Content of sessions 1 and 2 are integral to it.



NOTE FOR SESSION ORGANIZERS: Please plan as 2rd session of 3 sessions (if possible.



Session participants: 6 - 25



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