The 10 Worst Management Practices, And How To Turn Them Around

In this 90-minute session, we (Fabian Schiller & Laurens Bonnema) propose to collect management practices that are exactly the opposite of the stoosian idea of management, as observed in the wild, i.e. no theoretical wrongs, but only those that we have actually seen in real life.

In a next step it would be interesting to try to evaluate why those practices are used and how they can be replaced by more stoosian practices collected in the session on Stoosian Management Innovations From The Wild moderated by Ilja Preuss.


Suggested outline:



* Introduction to the session. 5 min.

* Introduction of participants. Small group: Regular round of introductions. Large group: Introduce in subgroups, write down on flip-overs, then post on the wall for reference by others. 10 min.

* Silent brainstorm on bad practices. 10 min.

* Silent clustering of bad practices. 5 min.

* Timeboxed discussion of all clusters of bad practices. 25 min.

* Dot-vote clusters of bad practices to determine which ones we want to address in the session. 5 min.

* Timeboxed discussion on how to address the top-3 bad practices. 25 min.

* Next Actions: Who's going to post this to his/her blog as a result of the session? What's next? 5 min.



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