Pitch(es) and Propositions

"Putting it on paper lets you start fixing it. If it stays in your head, a perfect idea, you'll never share it with anyone." Emma Coats, Pixar, on basic story rules. -




We know there's a better way.

Well, fine. But what do we tell a manager who's asking us: "You want me and my organization to change - so what are your points? What is it that you propose, and how do you want to add value over what is there today?"


These questions are fair. We should have some answers - for our recognition, credibility and our chances to make an impact.



The goal of this session is to work on stuff that supports us as Stoos change agents out there in the wild:


1) Pitches - "Look, I'm not the only one saying that!"


Stoos as a point of reference - some catchy elevator pitches for Stoos and the various topics it addresses. Why we think change is needed, and what we are we aiming for.



2) Principles - "What I say is part of a bigger picture!"


A coherent view on management, based on Stoosian ideas - The bigger picture of Stoos could be a collection of principles that define and represent the philosophy.

There may be quite a few given the broad range of topics Stoos is addressing. They all build upon the "stewardship of the living", and will yet add a lot of substance helping the movement to work, communicate and progress (both to the inside and the outside).



3) Proposals - "There's a productive community collecting and developing modern approaches how to run a state-of-the-art company, and putting them into context."


Stoos as a source for great usable ideas - There are many topics out there waiting to be fleshed out or brought in line with the Stoos philosophy (e.g. Governance, HR, budgeting, R&D etc.) - or vice versa! Stoosian approaches may solve many of today's problems and create tremendous value. Let's kickstart some work on them!



We may run this as a continuous session throughout the two days. Things will take time to develop - we put up some whiteboards, and you can repeatedly come by whenever you got some new input. After the Stampede we continue via web.



Some more thoughts on why this is important for change:

Length continuous



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