The Great Game of Business

The Great Game of Business wasn’t born in a New York think-tank or an Ivy League business school…Not dreamt up by fancy consultants, but forged on the factory floors of the heartland and proven out in every industry around the world for the past 30 years.


So what is it?


The Great Game of Business is about running your business in a strategic, forward thinking fashion. Employees are taught the rules of business, enabled and expected to improve performance based on that knowledge, and given a Stake in the Outcome – good or bad. They aren’t looking to historical financial information for answers, they are forecasting the future of the business and making it happen.


The Great Game is not just sharing numbers.

It is more than a promise to be open with employees; it’s a process.

It’s a way to run your company that Unleashes the Entrepreneur Inside Every Employee; a way to get everyone as informed, involved and engaged to make the company successful.


The Game is strategy and management practice that takes the basic components of any game, applies them to the challenge of running a business, and provides employees (the players) a way to understand, participate and contribute in the overall performance of the business.


How do you teach people the business and make it understandable, interesting, meaningful and maybe even a little fun? That’s the challenge – and that’s where The Game comes in. What if we could approach our day-to-day business activities with the same state of preparation, the same level of knowledge, the same enthusiasm, and most importantly, the same desire to win as we do with any competitive endeavor we pursue?


The Game levels the playing field and gives everyone the opportunity to act and take responsibility for the success of the company.



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