Beyond Consulting & interorganisational change


The goal of this session is to generate disruptive ideas that can potentially help overcome tayloristic management that go beyond the established change models, i.e. systemic consulting, seminars, books, etc. plus doing this on a broad level not on a company level.



When we think of stooism we all have something in mind, and I’m pretty sure for many of us it’s post-tayloristic, it wants to overcome hierarchies, functional separation of work, and naïve planning with a linear thinking model. We, Lars and me (Mark), believe that in addition of working on finding this future organisational model that stoos can agree on, there is another dimension we should address.


We believe that we (as a community) have not yet found the right approach to induce an effective market pull for companies to realise that there is an urgency to act. All we know of (at least us two) is consulting models, events, books and alike. But these models aren’t scalable. It would take us decades to change each company and we still don’t know if these models are even viable to generate a sufficient level of urgency within decision maker’s heads to accept our help on a broad scale, let alone having the resources to help that many companies transform. We aren’t saying that consulting and other known approaches don't work. But how can we induce change not only on a company level but on a regional, national or even worldwide level without having to teach every blimen company how it works.


We believe the ideas we will have to come up with will have to be far more innovative than anything we have come up with so far. If this wasn’t the case and if the ideas we are seeking were easily thought of (not to speak of logically derivable) then someone would have already done it.


Suggested outline:


10-15 min: Brief introduction to understand participants backgrounds

15-20 min: Identifying existing models and gathering the obvious

45 min: Intense brainstorming session using e.g. Mission Impossible, Image-ination or anything else we can come up with that feels appropriate as a brainstorming technique

Rest: I don’t think this is predictable. If we do come up with something big, we will ignore any agenda or time schedule anyway.



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