Management and corporate culture hacking

This week, at the the first Stoos satellite Berlin meetup, Simon came up with the term 'hack' as something he would like to take home from the Stoos stampede. I'd like to build on this idea and propose a session about hacking the corporate and management culture. “Cultural Hacking can be understood as infiltration into systems and the changing of their coding. It is a critical, often even subversive game with cultural codes, messages and values.” (Johannes M. Hedinger,

Using the concept as a metaphor I would like to collect or design hacks, that could potentially change (management) culture within organizations. The intended outcome of the session is a list of actionable Stoos hacks. A hack would have a brief description like a how-to, the context, the issue it tackles and a way to find out if it is working.


For inspiration:


Here's a 5:24 clip with Seb Paquet explaining the concept of a culture hacker:


Here's an art work by Francis Alÿs: as a great example of a cultural hack - the hardest part (as always) is finding out how to measure success.



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