Intrinsic motivation based on 4 Drive Theory

It appears that humans have an intrinsic drive to acquire, to bond, to learn, and to defend. Organizations where members cannot satisfy all four drives more or less equally either drive good people out the door or cause erratic, illogical and destructive behavior.


This session is based on the 2002 book "Driven - How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices" by Harvard Business School professors Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria. I will present 4 Drive Theory and show examples from Germany and USA based on my personal experience as team member, software development consultant and coach.


The session goal is to get introduced to 4 Drive Theory and start a conversation about it. Hopefully we can also find more cases that support the theory that organizations should be set up in a way that allows people to satisfy all four drives to their benefit and to the benefit of their members. We may continue this gathering of evidence in a Google group after the Stoos Stampede is over.



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