One-on-one coaching (clinic) DEPRECATED

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN REPLACED BY ANOTHER PROPOSAL (see link at bottom of this text)


UPDATE: I have rethought this and rewritten this idea in a different form, in another session proposal.


I am puzzled by the negative votes... I am planning to do this, just letting you know. If you dislike it, feel free to head somewhere else, If you have a problem with it, I'd be curious to hear from you: find me on twitter at @deborahh



There are a number of trained personal / business coaches among our community - co-active, solution focused, and other types. Are any of you interested to join me in the following? If we get critical mass, let's do it.


Proposal: central sign-up location and 2 or 3 small locations, very close to the big venue, where one or two coaches can spend time with one person at a time, in privacy, offering coaching samples, or dealing with any issue the coachee brings. Coaches set up availability whenever they want and when a room is free, and coachees sign up to meet with a given coach or pair of coaches.


If you would like to help as a coach please locate my other session proposal and sign up there, I will co-ordinate communications. Link:



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