Finding a Stoos Network ambassador

In light of getting a movement going, it should help a lot if a well-known person could be attracted to come to Stoos Stampede Amsterdam, participate in the discussions and become an ambassador. My proposal is to start an urgent activity. Given overly filled agenda’s, this would need to happen quickly. Hence, I’ll start with a candidate proposal right away.


My candidate is Herman Wijffels. He is a well known individual in The Netherlands. From a presentation he gave, I have the impression that he is actually looking for Stoos Network type of initiatives. Here are some quotes: “The time has come for new idea’s which form the basis for a new phase in our social developments... finding the way via social organisational innovation to the potential of human beings... an enormous chance for higher productivity... creating flow (the sum is bigger than the sum of the individual possibilities). Better than written words is the recording. For those who speak Dutch (first 30 minutes are sufficient; sorry, link didn’t work here): Go to Youtube, search for “wijffels energiedag 2010’.


What do you think?



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